4 years of wingo – A success story

For 4 years now, the service provider wingo is a successfull part of the sports betting market. With competitive odds, first-class technology and professional risk-management wingo achieved an excellent reputation within the industry.

In the beginning there was a clear goal: To provide a turnkey-solution that offers everything to operate a successful betting business – From single shops up to franchise chains. To reach this goal, three factors where at the centre of attention during development:

• A versatile betting offer with a balanced mix of sports betting, live betting and betting on virtual dog races.

• A premium service for optimal revenue with reliable base data, state-of-the-art technical processing and assiduous risk-management.

• Transparent and affordable conditions, that enables an operator to calculate without the fear of hidden additional costs.

To reach these ambitious goals, one of the deciding factors where choosing the right partners. With the market leader Betradar the right data provider was quickly found. And the technological solutions of Arland where the perfect foundation for a stable and efficient service.

During ICE 2010 in London, wingo was first presented to a broad audience.

“The positive feedback was enormous. It quickly became apparent, that we struck a nerve with wingo and that a turnkey-solution like this was exactly what the market needed.”

In May 2010 the day was finally there. After an extensive testing period wingo went live and enjoyed great popularity right from the start.

Today – almost four years later – one can’t imagine a sports betting industry without wingo.

“With an unbeatable price-perfomance ratio wingo is the place to go for anybody who seriously wants to participate in the sports betting industry in a long term. Wingo customers appreciate our reliability and the fact that they can focus on their core business, without having to employ their own team of bookmakers or establish their own server structure. Some customers use wingo as a stepping stone to grow during business operations until they switch to their own system. This kind of customer satisfaction confirms us that we created something special with wingo.”

More information about wingo on www.wingoshop.com or per mail to info@wingoshop.com