Arland: The right solution for every terminal

Don’t buy new terminals – refit them! Arland offers the most flexible software solution for sports and live betting on a terminal.

With the multitude of various self-service terminals it has become difficult to find the best solution for sports and live betting. An enormous selection of different manufacturers and models requires a software, which is not only intuitive and extensive, but also adaptable to the given conditions.

The Bookmaker platform by Arland offers the perfect solution for betting terminals:
• A large offer of sports and live bets – perfectly displayed for easy usability
• Virtual greyhound races optional
• Bets can be placed anonymously or with a loyalty card
• Different languages are selectable. Adding languages is possible at any time
• The graphical user interface can be customized

But the biggest advantage of Arland’s terminal software is its flexibility! Whether you want to operate a high-end terminal or you want to refit an old or used terminal – No problem with the Bookmaker platform! More than 20 different terminal models are already supported. The customization to new hardware is usually possible without much hassle.

This makes the purchase of a new terminal unnecessary! Operators can continue to use their existing terminals without any problems.

More information on Arland can be found on their website at or by mail to