Arland – Double the terminal power

Despite the Internet and smartphone boom, self-service terminals continue to be one of the most popular ways to place sports and live bets. For all the huge selection of different manufacturers and models, Arland provides the perfect platforms for this market segment. Instead of supporting just one hardware configuration, the Arland software is compatible with a multitude of terminal models. This means that self-service devices can be converted to the Bookmaker platform without any problems.

During the ICE 2014 in London, the Bookmaker6-Terminal was once more commended for its array of modern features. With animated backgrounds, intuitive navigation by swiping, support of 16:9 screens in Full-HD and the complete support of loyalty cards, Arland provides the ideal software package for current high-end terminals.

But Arland also has a solution for operators of old or used machines. Because the proven and popular BM5-Terminal software will remain to be supported! That way, older and less powerful terminals can profit from the many advantages of the Bookmaker platform.

“In spite of the technological possibilities leaping forward, operators of older hardware can rely on having the right partner at their side – A partner that supports them instead of competing against them.”

This once more consolidates Arland’s reputation as a flexible, independent software provider for the sports betting industry.

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