Bookmaker6 Gaming Platform in Arabic

The Bookmaker6 Gaming Platform overcomes another language barrier: In the future customers can enjoy the sports and entertainment offer of Arland’s new online platform also in Arabic.

Fun and excitement are international. This is proven by the global success of Arland’s new Bookmaker6 Gaming Platform, a complete online solution for sports and live betting as well as virtual games, casino and live dealers.

In the last years especially territories like North Africa and the Middle East turned out to be emerging markets. That’s why the Bookmaker6 Gaming Platform will soon be released completely in Arabic.

In close collaboration with local partners, texts as well as the layout will be adapted to the special needs of Arabic speaking customers.

With this Arland consolidates its international reputation as one of the leading technology and service partners of the gaming industry.

A demo of the Bookmaker6 Gaming Platform is available at
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