The new 10 Euro banknote is coming

The facelift for Euro banknotes continues: After introducing the new 5 Euro bill on 2nd of May 2013, the European Central Bank now introduced the second note in the series.

On the 23rd of September 2014, the new 10 Euro bill will start circulating. The banknote continues the design introduced with the new “fiver” and offers the same, improved security features.

Just like last year, this results in an additional technical effort for betting and gambling operators. Electronic bill acceptors used in sports betting and Casino terminals/slot machines need to be updated, in order to properly identify the new banknote.

For the 5 Euro bill the European Central Bank already released a list of tested banknote authentication devices. The ECB announced to publish a similar list for the new note as well, as soon as the test results are available.

Affected terminal operators should continue to hold on to their update scenario. Because in the coming years all other Euro banknotes will be renewed in ascending order.

More information on the new 10 Euro banknote can be found on the homepage of the European Central Bank.