Fit for new markets with Arland

For 17 years, Arland is one of the leading independent software developers for the sports betting industry. In more than 80 international projects, Arland has proved that the innovative and groundbreaking Bookmaker platform is the perfect choice for the operation and administration of a global betting company.

Whether in Europa, Africa or Asia – More and more sports betting operators rely on Arland’s Bookmaker platform for expansion into new markets. That’s because Bookmaker combines security and reliability with the flexibility necessary for a successful international business.

With numerous features like multiple ways to display odds (decimal, fractional, Moneyline), time zone management as well as any number of different languages and currencies, the Bookmaker platform is suitable for all international markets.

“Bookmaker was intended for global use from the beginning and allows betting companies to flexibly respond to the demands of different markets. While local operators especially in Europe fight for market shares, globally operating sports betting companies can focus on much more interesting countries easily and effectively. Especially in emerging markets like Africa sports betting operators have an excellent chance of long-term success with the right software platform.”

Wherever your business leads you – Arland is the right partner for an internationally successful sports betting enterprise.

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