Current sport highlights with wingo

With wingo, tennis and soccer enthusiasts get their money’s worth. Because currently some sport highlights are imminent:

In Wimbledon, the Grand Slam tournament starts today and Roger Federer/Serena Williams have to defend their title against strong competitors. There should be more than enough motivation, since the prize money was raised by 40 percent to 26.38 million Euro. That’s the highest sum that has ever been put on a Grand Slam tournament. The victors get approx. 1.87 million each.

But soccer is also a stormy affair: The Fedcup – the test run for the soccer championships 2014 in Brazil – offers some premium games in the semifinals:

On Wednesday, the 26th of June 2013, the South American teams Brazil and Uruguay play against each other. The home team Brazil is regarded as the favorite, but Uruguay is a tough opponent and plan to give Brazil a run for their money.

On Thursday, the 27th of June 2013, Spain is pitted against Italy. This remake of the EC final of 2012 promises to be exciting because the Italians have a score to settle with Spain.

Of course all games of the Fedcup and all matches from Wimbledon will also be offered as live games at wingo.

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