wingo: American sports weekend

At wingo this weekend is all about American sports: Since the dispute within the North American hockey league NHL has been resolved, the first games will start on Saturday, the 19th of January. 30 teams will try to take the title from the current champions, the Los Angeles Kings. The New York Rangers, the Vancouver Canucks as well as the Pittsburgh Penguins are considered to be among the favorites for the sought-after Stanley Cup.

Next to hockey, another sport is on the tip on everyone’s tongue at the moment – at least in the USA: American football. The Super Bowl on the 3rd of February is almost upon us and the Conference Finals will decide who will participate in the game for the prestigious trophy. On Sunday, the 20th of January the Atlanta Falcons will play against the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC championship. In the same night, the New England Patriots are pitted against the Baltimore Ravens for the championship in the AFC.

Friends of American sports are in for a great weekend. And with exciting tipp types and top odds, wingo caters to hockey and football fans alike.