Arland and Tiplix launch

Arland combines its 20 years of experience as a technology and service partner with the one of betting operator Tiplix and launches the new concept called “”. This enables soccer clubs in Germany for the first time to get their own sports betting website and mobile version in an easy and simple way.

Fans can bet on a site in the exclusive design of their favorite team as well as find news surrounding the club.

The best part: The club benefits directly from the turnover without any risk. So, fans do not have to use the websites of other operators anymore, but can place bets at the same odds and support their team in the process.

As pioneers, the OFC Kickers have broken these new grounds as the first German soccer club. At Kickers fans can bet on over 200,000 sport events – Of course also on events of the south west regional league.

“It makes me very proud that Kickers Offenbach as first movers offer its own sports betting site. Our fans can now place bets on top odds at an OFC website, while supporting their team at the same time. A win-win situation for everybody.”, states CEO Christopher Fiori in a press release.

More clubs are already in the process of following in OFC Kickers footsteps.

With more than 200 points of sales and 20 years of experience, Tiplix is one of the most successful sports betting operators in the german-speaking market. Next to an extensive expertise in sports betting, Tiplix holds multiple European betting licenses as well as the German concession for sports betting. The core product of the company are pre-match and live bets. For “” Tiplix takes care of the entire support incl. active customer service and handling payment services.

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Over the last 20 years ARLAND has been a strategic partner for the gaming industry. With highly qualified professionals, Arland’s team has combined its expertise to build a solid background in gaming technology with more than 100 international projects. From complete gaming solutions based on the BOOKMAKER® Omni-Channel Platform to compliance consultancy for regulated markets, Arland provides cost-effective solutions to kick-start or boost gaming businesses all around the world – regardless whether you are running an online native business or a complex chain of betting shops.

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