ARLAND supports sports betting start-up’s

The Austrian platform provider utilizes its 20 years of experience to make it easier for start-up companies to enter the sports betting and gaming industry.

Sports move people and generate emotions. No wonder that betting on sport events has a long tradition. Offering sports betting is a lucrative business segment, but can quickly become confusing and expensive for newcomers.

Since 20 years Arland is a constant factor in the industry and has handled numerous international projects. Arland wants to pass on this cumulative experience to a new generation of betting operators – Whether it’s about establishing a business plan, incorporation or applying for a sports betting license.

But that’s not all! In the course of a special support program Arland provides BM5 Startup Version, a beginner-friendly platform especially suited for start-up’s that grows together with the operator.

Not only does Arland take care of hosting and maintenance, but also odds and risk management.

And the best part: Supported companies will get BM5 Startup Version free of any setup costs!

By mail to, start-up companies can get more information or apply for the support program.

Over the last 20 years ARLAND has been a strategic partner for the gaming industry. With highly qualified professionals, Arland’s team has combined its expertise to build a solid background in gaming technology with more than 100 international projects. From complete gaming solutions based on the BOOKMAKER® Omni-Channel Platform to compliance consultancy for regulated markets, Arland provides cost-effective solutions to kick-start or boost gaming businesses all around the world – regardless whether you are running an online native business or a complex chain of betting shops.

More information on Arland can be found on their website at or by mail to
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