The paperless betting shop

Oddslists and scanslips are part of a betting shops inventory for years. Especially in shops with a high amount of bets, the only way to avoid lines at the counter is to let your customers mark their bets on a scanslip in advance. This leads to several problems for the shop operator.

Customers demand an ever growing offer of betting opportunities and operators are forced to meet these demands, in order to stay competitive on the betting market. With an offer of 300.000 odds per week, the corresponding oddslist is almost as thick as a telephone book. Of course one could only print the most important leagues, but that way you only convey a fraction of games to the customers. Hence there will be no bets on the rest of your extensive offer.

And that’s not all. To provide the customers with the most current odd values, you have to generate and print oddslists multiple times a week or even multiple times a day. This leads to an apparent fact: Costs for paper and printer cartridges become a bigger and bigger item of expenditure on the shops accountancy and reduce your profit.

Conclusion: The concept of oddslists is hopelessly outdated.

Most betting shop operators are aware of this fact, but accept it begrudgingly. However, several resourceful companies have successfully found a solution for themselves and have implemented the ideal of a paperless betting shop.

Modern betting shops encourage their customers to place their bets themselves. With Bookmaker 5 a multitude of options are at your disposal:

BM5 TERMINAL – Self-service terminals are common and intuitive to use. Customers can simply put in coins and bills and can immediately place sports-, live- and virtual dog bets.

BM5 BETWEB – Customers can log in to the website of a sports betting operator and comfortably place bets using a surf stations or an all-in-one PC’s. With a Wi-Fi hotspot customers with a mobile device (notebooks, tablets) can use this option as well.

BM5 EASYWEB – With its simple and intuitive usability, the Easyweb is perfectly suited for touchscreen systems. Easyweb is also optimized for use on an Apple iPad.

BM5 SMARTWEB – The modern betting solution for Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. Customers can place bets anytime and stay in their seats, watching a football game.

The benefits of self-service solutions are obvious:

1) The customer has an overview of the entire offer of bets. Clearly sorted by type of sport, country and league.

2) All odds are current at any time. No more frustration caused by outdated odds values on printed oddslists.

3) Dramatically reduced costs in time and money spent on printing thick oddslists.

To realize the dream of a paperless betting shop, all you have to do is overcome your customer’s inhibitions. Take your customers by the hand and show them, how simple it is to place bets on a terminal, on your website or on a touchscreen system. Guide your customers through their first bet and enjoy their sense of achievement.

Issue a customer card to our customers as a sign of appreciation. This not only conveys a professional and reputable image, but is also a great marketing device. When looking in his wallet, your customer will be positively reminded of your company. Try to work specifically towards convincing your customers of the many advantages of Bookmaker 5 self-service systems. So inch thick oddslist and complicated scanslips can finally become a thing of the past.