The benefits of loyalty cards in sports betting

Using loyalty cards and customer accounts respectively in sports betting shops is the common practice in regulated markets like in Austria. For some time the catch phrase „loyalty card“ is on the tip of everyone’s tongue in other markets as well. The benefits for customers and operators are evident.

The sports betting customer can deposit money on his customer account in advance. This balance can not only be used in his betting shop of choice, but can also use other exciting possibilities to place bets. For example, the loyalty card can be used to check his bets and see if he has won at any time, even from home. Using the betting company’s website the entire sports betting offer with current odds can be viewed easily and comfortably – No need to read bothersome and often confusing odds lists. Sports broadcasts are more exciting, when you can place bets on your favourite team using a loyalty card.

Especially innovative products like the Arland Smartweb allow to place bets on the go, if you’re in the stadium or watch a game with friends. The smartphone becomes a mobile betting shop.

Talking about shops – the loyalty card has benefits there as well. If a bet slip is lost, one can view all placed bets with your loyalty card. Even self-service terminals can be used with loyalty cards to place bets using your customer account or get an overview of all placed bets and bookings.

Of course loyalty cards have many benefits for the operator as well. By using Internet surf stations and self-service terminals you can operate betting shops with a high amount of customers with less employees.

Costs for printing odds lists are drastically reduced, when customers don’t need them anymore due to online products and loyalty cards. And customers can use his winnings immediately to place another bet – which means higher turnover.