Submission deadline for German license applications

On Wednesday, the 12th September 2012 at 10:00, the deadline for application for a sports betting license at the Cologne Company CBH Rechtsanwälte expires. Several customers of Arland have already filed the necessary documents with the active support of the company, and applied for a German sports betting license. This enables customers to benefit even more from the expertise and professionalism of the Arland Group.

“With our experience of 15 years we also provide the professionalism and reliability, the authorities demand. Bookmaker 5 complies with all current requirements for the German market, e.g. processing the tax on stakes. Furthermore we are in close contact with the authorities, so we can quickly react to future requirements

The Arland Group is pleased to be able to support their customers even further in the next steps to the successful award of the concession. This helps its customers once again not only technically but also in operational terms. Bookmakers and risk management services completes the range of the Arland Group

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