Hesse: Toleration for sports betting providers exposed

The roller coaster ride around the legalization of sports betting in Germany continues. There is still no nationwide solution in sight. Now the toleration procedure for the state of Hesse was put on hold

After the successful cancellation of the untransparent procedure for an overall German license some time ago, Hesse tried to establish a valid regulation for the offer of sports betting on the Internet. However, due to a decision of the administrative court Wiesbaden, this toleration procedure was suspended in an emergency proceeding until the high court will clarifiy this cause.

This means that there is no end to the political tug-of-war for the German sports betting market.

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Source: https://verwaltung.hessen.de/irj/RPDA_Internet?cid=40085cd8443fd81471167e8fced10df5