Bill acceptors and the new 5 euro banknote

The 5 euro bill gets a facelift: As the first of the second series of euro banknotes, a new 5 euro bill will be introduced on the 2nd of Mail 2013. Next to a new design, the banknote will have new and improved security features.

What sounds like good news at first, also has a downside: Electronic bill acceptors used in sports betting and casino terminals/slot machines need to be updated, in order to properly identify the new banknote.

Manufacturers of such bill acceptors assure that the new firmware will be provided by the end of March. So the update process on location can be done starting in early April.

As soon as we have more information on the updates and procedures of the most common manufacturers, we will disclose them here.

More information on the new 5 euro banknote can be found on the homepage of the European Central Bank.