Austrian congress of bookmakers 2012

During its annual congress, the Austrian bookmakers association informed about developments and perspectives within the industry. Numerous experts and guest speakers commented on issues, that moved the bookmaker trade this year as well as in the near future.

Amongst other things the legal situation of beting on the result of pre-recorded sporting events (e.g. dog races) and the fees in Vorarlberg were discussed.

Lawyer and industry expert Martin Arendts informed in detail about the ongoing licensing process in Germany. As expected a huge number of applications have been filed during the first phase of the process. As previously reported, the Arland group of companies supported a large number of its customers during the application as a technical solutions partner. The topic “Geman license” will continue to keep the industry on its toes and will probably have some surprises in store.

In summary the annual congress of the Austrian bookmakers association was again a highly interesting and informative event for everyone involved.