Sports betting in the cloud – Revolution or old hat?

At the moment, catch phrases like „cloud computing“ and „cloud service“ seem to dominate the IT world and are recently popping up more frequently in context with the gaming industry. Despite this fact, the cloud is still an incomprehensible term for many people – even though almost every PC user unknowingly utilizes public cloud solutions (e.g. the video portal YouTube) on a daily basis. But does this technology make sense for a sports betting operator? And what is this mysterious “cloud” anyway?

The correct term cloud computing describes the provision of an IT infrastructure and IT services, like servers, storage space and network capacities in a data centre.

Most of the time, this is done in conjunction with software, which is used over the Internet as a service (“Software as a Service” a.k.a. “SaaS”). The advantage is that the user does not have to take care of staff- and cost intensive provision and maintenance of software, servers and databases in a data centre himself. These highly complex tasks are handled by the cloud provider.

The cloud supplier is a purely technical provider, which doesn’t have anything to do with the daily business of the company, and is subject to strict data protection regulations. The booked resources are provided by the cloud supplier and necessary changes or maintenance tasks are done in the background. If server capacities or software licences are insufficient, an additional allotment of licenses has to be booked. This is also the reason, why many big companies are increasingly relying on cloud computing.

Simply put, cloud computing is nothing more than outsourcing an IT infrastructure and IT services to knowledgeable experts cost-effectively.

This description will have a familiar ring to Arland customers. Since the Arland Group uses this cloud service model for 15 years with their innovative and ground-breaking Bookmaker platform. The scalable infrastructure of the Bookmaker 5 sports betting platform is located in high-security data centres and is connected via a broadband connection directly to the Internet, and thereby to the individual bookie workstations and point-of-sales.

By harnessing these technologies you can offer all the comfort and innovations that are expected of a modern, reliable and future proof betting company – not only to your customers, but also to yourself. See you in the Arland cloud!