Statistics on wingo.terminal

Last week the sports betting service provider wingo presented a new software version for self-service terminals. The feedback was very positive and multiple wingo partners already upgraded their betting terminals to the new version. Next to various improvements in design and usability, the new wingo.terminal offers statistics that excite partners and customers alike.

Online, extensive statistics on leagues and games are essential for a long time now. With the new terminals wingo now brings this information to self-service terminals as well.

Next to a current table, the league statistics display a comparison by percent of won, lost and draw games of each team. A league summary and a list of top goal scorers complement the offered information.

The game statistics show results of past matches between the two teams, a performance by percentage based on these results as well as the past games of each individual team. Furthermore the next games, the position within the league and an over/under statistic are displayed.

These comprehensive statistic are a perfect complement to the multitude of improvements of the new wingo.terminal and provide an unique betting experience for the customer. This makes wingo.terminal the ideal product for betting shops, bars or gas stations.

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