wingo.betweb: The live betting highlights

The new wingo.betweb is full of improvements and new features – especially in the live betting section. Three different ways to view live events leave nothing to be desired and make betting even more convenient.

Live 3000
In the category „Live 3000“, live betting enthusiasts will feel right at home. All current and upcoming events of the day are listed as usual. For every game four markets are displayed by default – not only for the overall game, but also for the first half. Additional markets can be viewed at any time.

The list of current live events can now be limited to individual types of sports. And of course extensive statistics and TV information is available as well.

Single event
In the „singe event“ section, customers can focus on one individual live game. Next to the teams, the header displays the current score, as well as the number of corners, yellow cards and red cards.
Directly beneath the header, you get information on the current game time/half and the last event that occurred in the game. Statistics and TV information are also just a click away.

Subsequently all available markets for the selected game are listed. With just one click individual markets can be marked as favorites. These will be put right at the beginning of the list.

In the live betting conference, the new wingo.beweb can really show its stenghts. Selected games will be arranged next to each other in individual blocks. Just like in the single event view, each game is displayed with the number of corners, yellow/red cards and scored goals.

All available markets are summarized in a list. Favored markets can be marked and thereby put at the beginning of the list.

By default the selected game blocks are displayed in the middle of the screen. By dragging them with the mouse, these blocks can be put anywhere on the website. This enables customers to have an eye on all their favorite live games.

In one of our next articles, we will have a look at general features and improvements of the new wingo.betweb.

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