wingo.easyweb: A spotlight on touchscreen betting

Touchscreens have become an integral part of everyday life. Wheter on ATMs, telephones or tablets; Touching a monitor intuitively has become a given for many. In sports- and live betting, intelligent touchscreen solutions – like wingo.easyweb – simplify the gaming experience for the customer.

Sports betting via touchscreen have been established and popularized by self-service terminals for a long time. But many betting shop operators don’t have the space or possibility to put up a terminal. Wingo.easyweb offers a welcome and space saving alternative.

Since it is based on Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7 or higher), wingo.easyweb runs on any Windows PC and can be switched to touchscreen mode with the push of a button. This turns any All-In-One PC, notebook or gastronomy till into a sports betting terminal. When using a barcode reader, registered customers can log in even more easily. Just by scanning their loyalty card customers can access their account as well as the entire sports betting programme.

But what about tablet owners? Well, they can enjoy all these benefits as well, because wingo.easyweb runs flawlessly on Apple iPad. The display is rearranged automatically – Whether the customer wants to use it in portrait or landscape mode.
This merges the performance of a sports betting website with the usability of a self-service terminal.

That’s how easy and convenient betting on a tablet can be!

The well-arranged main menu allows the customer to access the whole sports and live betting offer, his account transactions and all previously placed bets. Furthermore he can change the settings of his customer profile e.g. switch the menu for left- or right-handed use.

Wingo.easyweb impressively proves how simple and versatile sports betting on touchscreen systems can be.

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