wingo presents new terminal

The self-service terminal is an absolute classic for placing sports-, live- and virtual dogbets. Whether with one or two screens; whether in the betting shop, sportsbar or at a gas station. With a new software version for standalone self-service devices, wingo presents a new, modern betting experience for terminal customers.

The visual differences to the previous terminal are striking: A clear structure, bigger buttons and an animated background attract the attention of the customer and encourage him to give it a try. The new terminal interface is more dynamic, more intuitive and makes it easy for the customer to get along. As one is used from his tablet or Smartphone, the betting offer can be scrolled by “swiping”.

High-resolution 16:9 displays are also flawlessly supported. The interface adapts automatically to the set resolution to provide a perfect betting experience for the customer.

Despite all visual improvements, the software is also designed to support older terminals. If the hardware does not have the necessary performance, some visual effects are disabled automatically. This ensures a maximum of compatibility – Whether you’re operating a used terminal of older design or a new high-end terminal.

Of course the new wingo.terminal fully supports loyalty cards. Customer can not only login with their customer account, deposit money and check placed bets, but also register directly on the terminal if desired. This additional service for the customer relieves your cashiers as well.

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